Preview: The Thrilling Musica of “Zorro.”

I just finished watching season one of Amazon Prime’s new take on Zorro. You can catch my reviews on all ten episodes HERE as well as my season one wrap, thoughts and criticisms.

One of the elements that really hooked me into the show was the incredible music. Original songs in fact by some of the biggest names in Latino music today. From Juanes, Rosario to Carin Leon the full soundtrack will be released Feb. 24th. In fact talking to one of the executive producers, Sergio Pizzolante, he told the Slant to expect 14 tracks in total on the album. What a thrilling announcement as the 4 songs I was able to find are so dynamic and different from each other. Expect a full song by song review here when the album is released. Until then here are the four incredible songs for your listening pleasure.

Carin Leon, Keith Urban, Rosario – “Si Me Llevas Contigo.”

This song is used for the title credits. This genre fusion blends rustic guitars with flamenco sensibilities.
Colombian pop-rock star Juanes dives into a Mexican corrido beat with his rocking ways for a fun, frolic tune.
This incredible song takes Banda horns and flamenco claps for a ride as Leon’s voice wails along almost as if singing while Zorro gallops into action.
Colombian pop act Morat delivers a sweet head bopping tune for all you melody lovers.

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