The Musical Brillance of the “Zorro” Soundtrack

We recently held a panel of noted musicians and went song by song of the just released Zorro soundtrack. They gave their impressions, musical and emotional, which in turn created incredible insight to this massive under taking of fourteen original songs. Global artists such as Rosario, Juanes and Carin Leon are among a sea of notable artist on this musical endeavor.

1. Si Me Llevas Contigo (Carin Leon, Keith Urban & Rosario) 2:00

Serving as the show’s opening credits and theme song, “Contigo” is a rare blend of hard flamenco, Mexican gravel vocals with American country vibes. Rosario, Leon and Urban are on fire with this opening tune.

2. A La Mitad (Maura) 2:33

Maura Nava’s exquisite vocals soar in this pop ballad, no doubt setting the tone for the show’s complicated love triangle.

3. Nacimos Solos (Juanes) 2:53

Super rock en espanol star Juanes creates the ultimate rock mariachi tune. Set to a funky southwest polka beat, Juanes’s cantina tales is very reminiscent of Molotov’s Frijolero, minus the politics.

4. Tarda Pero Llega (La Santa Cecilia) 3:18

A bold Mariachi that bends harp and huapango rhythm with Zorro’s heroic virtues. Marisol’s vocal are unique powerful.

5. Te Encontraré (Cami & Bogart) 2:17

This lumbering western vibe bellows in Spanish along with a interesting rap rendition.

6. No Te Detengas (Carin Leon) 2:14

This wild tune shows off Leon’s wicked vocal range. A Mexican romp produced via a filtered Flamenco energy.

7. Y Se Va Se Va (Riza) 3:34

This brilliantly sung ballad was actually released a year prior to Zorro debuting on Prime. However RIZA’s passionate rendition has captured new fans as the song is featured prominently in the series.

8. Perderme (Morat) 3:23

This straight forward pop tune marches the listener along a breezy, Miami style, beach lane, with sweet melodies and soft guitars.

9. Lontano (Arturo Sandoval) 4:23

This seismic instrumental blends the sleepy romance of the Zorro lore with a vibrant Ennio Morricone score. Cuban trumpeter Sandoval rides his horn throughout this tune like a gallant tornado.

10. I’m Still Alive (Baltazar Lora) 3:29

This straight rock single is a stand out. Harkens to the sound of The Killers only with a main stream radio filter. Lora sings with an ease and knowing confidence.

11. La Paz (Luis Fonsi & Adriel Favela) 3:24

This lavishly produced Mariachi style song could easily have fitted in a Broadway musical about the west. A duo that becomes a cantina anthem, begging all within shouting distance to sing along.

12. Si Nos Dijimos Adiós (Joaquina) 3:07

Luscious vocals float well over this pop ballad.

13. No Voy A Regresar (JULI PEREZ) 3:01

A mournful ballad, that blends spagetti western bells and melodramatic stings. Fitting for a great musical.

14. A Mi Manera (Art House)

This vivid instrumental blends modern drum machine beats with ragtime piano swagger. There is even a nifty electric guitar solo.

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