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March 7, 2024
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“GIGLI 2.0?” JLo Cancels Tour Dates!

by Alfredo Galindo.

Barely a month after debuting on Prime Video her music film and its documentary inspired by her new album “This is Me … Now, ” Jlo had announced her Summer Tour supporting said materials. Well, that’s not gonna happen as she drops a bomb canceling five concerts of the tour including two in New York City. Today’s announcement started a lot of gossip around as promoters managed before a supposed “rescheduling” that was discharged later by J.Lo’s management. This bogus excuse escalated on social media that surfaced what can’t be hidden anymore: tickets were not selling as a result of a not so well received material from the actress and singer.

For those who like myself were drawn to J.Lo’s concept film and documentary after her critically acclaimed 2019’s “Hustlers” and 2022’s “Halftime” for Netflix based on her memorable Super Bowl Halftime performance with Shakira, “This is Me … Now” was a big disappointment based on a lethargic therapeutic session of a woman whose biggest dream as a girl was to find her Prince Charming, and after a few frogs she found good ol’ Ben Affleck. Although Director Dave Myers visually tried to make a kind of Michael Jackson’s “Moonwalker” (1988), its content didn’t engage not even J.Lo’s hardcore fans as we can see the results on this cancellation.

Alfredo Galindo is un Productor, Director y Guinista de cine. Columnista del periódico Vanguardia desde 1995, escribe sobre música, cine y televisión. Combina la pasión de escribir con la creación cinematográfica.