“Ballerina” & “Michael,” headline “Lionsgate” CinemaCon2024 Presentation

As mentioned in the video discussing the Lionsgate presentation, here are the rest of my thoughts on the remaining films.

by Rosa Parra

“Never Let Go” stars Halle Berry (who is also an executive producer) as she plays a mother of two who lives in a cabin in the forest. They can’t escape because what lingers outside won’t let them. So whenever they go anywhere, whether it’s to hunt for food or other things, they all attach themselves to ropes to find their way back and keep track of one another. This film looks incredibly terrifying, and Berry seems incredible in the trailer. During the presentation, she mentioned that was drawn to the script because the story had a scenario and circumstance that she’d never seen depicted in film or TV before. She also mentioned how being a mother heavily influenced her approach to this character. The trailer looked phenomenally terrifying, and the film will be coming near you on September 27.

Next is “Good Fortune,” a comedy directed by Aziz Ansari. It follows Ansari’s character as a guy struggling to make a living by being of service to a rich guy (played by Seth Rogen). One day, Ansari’s character is visited by an angel named Gabriel (played by Keanu Reeves), who promises to help him by swapping both men’s circumstances. Things don’t necessarily go the way Gabriel plans, so he must deal with the repercussions. The trailer looked hilarious! Ansari was present to talk about the movie, coming out shading exhibitor Adam Fogelson (Lionsgate’s chief) and woke up the disengaged audience, who were overexposed to the previous action trailers. He shared an anecdote about Reeves suffering an injury while working in this film, something Reeves had successfully avoided in the John Wick movies. Ansari also heavily advocated for comedies to receive theatrical treatment rather than go straight to streaming. There is currently no release date for the film.

We’d heard many rumors and speculations about “Ballerina,” the film helmed by Ana de Armas and a spinoff from the John Wick world that occurs between John Wick 3 and 4. We were treated to a trailer with lots of action, and de Armas looks utterly badass. There are some cameos from John Wick regulars, but I can’t say how involved their roles will be from the trailer. It looked very promising though, and it’s eyeing a release date of June 6, 2025.

Lastly, the presentation ended with “Michael.” Film Producer Graham King began by announcing that the film was still under production and that its director, Antione Fuqua, couldn’t attend due to his busy schedule. He followed it up by highlighting the illustrious career of Michael Jackson and the importance of telling his story in its entirety. Yes, entirely, confirming that the accusations and other controversies will be addressed. Additionally, there are around 30 songs that will be spotlighted in the film. I must admit that the clips I saw in the trailer looked terrific. The actors depicting Michael capture his aura and even his voice. We know that Michael’s nephew, Jaafar Jackson, will play older Michael, and he looks uncanny! The film will be released on April 18, 2025.

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