Japan Takes Over Vegas! Anime coming in Hot(CinemaCon 2024)

by Rosa Parra

We were given the Crunchyroll presentation by Mitchell Berger (vice president of global commerce). He gave us a brief backstory about anime and its inception. How the medium has evolved to be a global phenomenon. They showed videos of anime fans expressing their love and devotion of anime and how it’s impacted them (I was actually moved by it). Fans from all over the world who speak different languages yet they’re all connected by anime.Then proceeded to update us on 4 upcoming releases followed by clips, trailers and the first 10 minutes of one of the films.

“Haikyu The Dumpster Battle” will released on 5/31. They showed us a clip and trailer. “

BlueLock Episode Nagi” releases 6/28. We were also shown the trailer and clip.                         

Crunchyroll acquired the rights for “Overlord The Sacred Kingdom” but didn’t provide a release date only gave us a trailer.

Finally, “Spy Family Code: White” releases on 4/19; for this one, they showed us the first 10 minutes.

Here are my initial thoughts:

“Spy Fmaily Code: White introduces the main characters of the film. The movie is about a Spy who gets a fake family to complete his mission, but he doesn’t know that the other members of the “family” have secrets/stories of their own. It hooked me, so I’m seeing it when it releases.”

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