June 20, 2024
Sound of Hope(Film Review) “…More than a movie; it’s a movement.”
June 27, 2024


By Alfredo Galindo.

La Riena de Sur, has 3 seasons, which 182 episodes since 2011.

Kate del Castillo Backstory 2000s-2020

Between Salma Hayek and Eiza Gonzalez In the early 00’s there was a Mexican soap opera star who became familiar to American audiences with the art house box office hit “La Misma Luna” (Patricia Riggen, 2007), where she played an undocumented mother living in Los Angeles whose son (Adrian Alonso) travels alone illegally into the US when his grandmother (Carmen Salinas) dies looking for her. Ironically, after a juicy offer from Telemundo, Kate accepted the main role of the TV series “La Reina del Sur” (2011), and hit gold again not only with Latino audiences but non Spanish speaking viewers as well. Kate portrayed the naive girlfriend of a petty drug lord assistant who rises to become the Queen of a powerful drug cartel gaining a “bad girl” appeal.

Kate portrayed awife a Mexican drug lord embark on a vengeful quest to kill WIll Smith.

Her undeniable charm lead her to crossing over into Hollywood mainstream, playing the main villain in hit movies such as the third installment of the box office saga “Bad Boys”, against Will Smith and Martin Lawrence, in 2020. More recently in the Fox TV Series “The Cleaning Lady” (2024).

“Es por su bien” (“It’s for her own good”) Comedy, review.

Just a few weeks after her drug lord “Ramona” in “The Cleaning Lady” ended, Kate surprises us again starring alongside two well known Mexican actress, comedian Consuelo Duval (from the Mexican box office hit “Infelices para siempre”) and Monica Huarte (recently nominated an Ariel for her work in “Senora Influencer”) to star in a comedy titled “Es por su bien” (“It’s for her own good”), a production from Eugenio Derbez’ (who shared credits with Kate in the mentioned “La misma luna”) which premiered last weekend at the streaming service VIX.

“Es por su bien” follows three sisters-In law, Clara (Duval), Matis (Huarte) and Nena, who in total disapproval of their daughters in law unite to get rid of them for the sake of their children. With a script from mostly male writers and a male director like Alfonso Pineda Ulloa (“Profe Infiltrado”), “Es por su bien” barely hits the cord of a great comedy it could’ve been comparable to a Hollywood vehicle starring three main actresses at the top of their game just like happened, for example, in the 1995 box office hit “The First Wives Club”, starring Goldie Hawn, Diane Keaton and Bette Midler, but it’s precisely their acting experience and on screen chemistry which saves the film and gives us some big laughs, from Duval’s storv with her feminist activist daughter in law to be, to Kate’s conservative mother of an overprotected young man, with a special mention to Huarte who gives, just like In her Ariel nominated hit “Señora Influencer”, a touching performance on the edge of melodrama as a widowed mother afraid of losing her son to a single mother he’s in love with.